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Making The most Of Your Date

By Leonora Cragg

Making sure that you create a good impression is what dating is all about.
Getting to know someone and allowing them to get to know you, is the whole point of meeting.
Sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious, especially if we have been out of the dating arena for a while.


Making sure that you have a fresh shower or bath, freshly shampooed hair looks good and creates a good impression. Making sure that it is well styled and well cut.

Clean and cut nails for guys and nicely polished nails for girls, make a good initial impression.

Smelling good with a nice fresh fragrance is always appealing and very sexy and encourages closer contact.


Do a little scouting to make sure that the clothing that you wear suits the dress code at the meeting venue. It is not a good idea to wear a formal outfit if you are meeting at the local coffee shop for a quick cuppa. Dressing in a smart and attractive comfortable manner, making sure that your outfit is clean, fits well, not too tight and that all the buttons are in place, and the hems are sewn up.
Look smart and stylish but stay away from tarty!


Yes, money, if you have it pick up the bill but do it graciously, Leave the showing off till a later date. If you don`t have it establish early on that it will be a shared bill.


Be honest, nothing back fires as much as telling a pack of lies or half truths.
Talking about yourself all the whole time is also a very big turn off. The idea is to get to know each other and appreciate each other’s company. So be yourself, but maybe the best side of yourself!


This is a big NO NO! Please don`t do it. Nerves or not. Control the drinking.


This is an even bigger NO NO!