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By Liz C


As the words from the Elvis Presley song are written, I wonder how many

people are lonesome tonight?


Loneliness can lead to lack of self worth, depression, and a heart filled with pain 


We all need to feel companionship! Hugs, touching, human contact has been

proven to cure illness. Let’s be honest, we can all say that we are independent, but the reality is that we need each other.


Humans are tactile. We like to touch and been touched. A slap on the back, or exuberant embrace is all part of the game of football or rugby.


We need to find friends. We have a desire to find someone to love us.


Knowing that there is someone there for us is vital. Sharing with someone and affirmation from a person that matters are part of the very basis of our make up.     


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